IP summit for Africa?

Civil society responds to the push by US and others to expand IP protections and enforcement through Africa IP Summit in Cape Town From 3 – 5 April, the Africa Intellectual Property Forum: Intellectual Property, Regional Integration and Economic Growth in Africa (‘the Africa IP Summit’) will be held at the International Convention Center in […]


Highlighting medicines affected by strict IP laws: Linezolid

Generic name: Linezolid Brand name: Zyvox and Zyvoxid Cost in South Africa: R282.25 per 600 mg tablet in the public sector and R593.01 per 600 mg tablet in the private sector (SEP ex VAT) Linezolid is used in the treatment of drug resistant tuberculosis (TB) and other serious infections. It is recommended to treat complicated […]


Fix the Patent Laws: Campaigning for pro-public health reform of South Africa’s Patents Act

A Treatment Action Campaign briefing document Background The Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property (“the TRIPS agreement”), effective from 1 January 1995, set standards of intellectual property protection that member states of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) are required to uphold in their own national laws.[1] The TRIPS agreement requires WTO member countries […]