Fix The Patent Laws

India issues its first compulsory license to protect health, South Africa continues to lag behind

Early this month, India issued its first ever compulsory license, for generic manufacture and sale of Sorafenib (brand name: Nexavar). Bayer was granted a patent on Sorafenib in India in 2008. After unsuccessfully negotiating with Bayer for a voluntary license, generic pharmaceutical company Natco Pharma Ltd applied for a compulsory license in July 2011. The Indian […]

South Africa’s medical schemes hoodwinked by AstraZeneca

Esomeprazole highlights how South Africa’s medical schemes are paying the price for the country’s strict protection of intellectual property, coupled with weak standards of patentability. South Africa should amend its Patents Act to explicitly exclude new formulation medicines from patentability in order to reduce the cost of medicines.  Additionally the fact that Esomeprazole retains market […]

Patent trickery

A critique of South Africa’s patent laws was published in the February 2012 issue of South African magazine Noseweek. The article further highlighted how our laws have allowed pharmaceutical giant Bayer to block generic versions of Yasmin from entering the market, retaining their monopoly on the popular birth control tablets. Read the article at

Twelve years on ARVs

Globally, South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV. Yet many antiretroviral medicines, including the medicines used to treat people failing on 2nd line antiretroviral therapy, are not provided in the public sector. 3rd line medicine are expensive as they are under patent and no generic versions of these medicines are available. […]

TAC/ MSF media workshop on intellectual property and access to medicine

        TAC and MSF will host workshops for journalists on intellectual property and medicine access on 26 March in Cape Town and 28 March in Johannesburg. Further details are available here If you are a journalist and interested in attending the workshop, please contact

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    fix the patent laws
    Fix the Patent Laws is a campaign of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). TAC is a non-profit organisation that seeks to ensure that every person living with HIV has access to quality, comprehensive prevention and treatment services to live a healthy life. Through this blog we will highlight how amending South Africa’s Patents Act 57 of 1978 will reduce the cost of medicines, improving the health and saving the lives of millions of South Africans.

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