Fix The Patent Laws

South Africa: Stop Blindly Handing Out Patents!

Health activists hand-over comments on Draft Policy to Dept. of Trade & Industry, supporting patent law reform PRETORIA, 17 October – Marching in support of government-proposed patent law reforms, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), and SECTION27 today handed their submission commenting on the Draft National Policy on Intellectual Property, 2013 to […]

Over 130 international organisations & experts demand patent law reform in South Africa!

Over 130 organisations and experts globally have called on the South African Department of Trade and Industry to Fix the Patent Law in an open letter delivered this morning. You can find a PDF of the open letter here. The Fix the Patent Law campaign thanks all signatories for their support for improving access to […]

TAC debunks pharma’s myths around patent law reform

As the Fix the Patent Laws campaign gains traction and South Africa moves closer towards the kind of intellectual property reform that will vastly improve access to affordable medicines, a number of claims are being publicised by the pharmaceutical industry and their allies seeking to protect their business interests. The purpose of this myth-buster is […]

Brazil and South Africa agree: it’s time to Fix the Patent Laws

South African delegation to Brazil get vital opportunity to learn from counterparts as South Africa patent reform process gathers pace                           October 9th 2013: Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) congratulate the Brazilian government on taking bold steps to […]

The IP Debate – Let’s not be fooled…

By Professor Yousuf Vawda, School of Law, University of KwaZulu-Natal Those opposed to the introduction of substantive patent examination in South Africa (and increased IP protection over medicines and other innovations) base their arguments on flawed assumptions:   1. ‘It is highly unlikely that patent applications which have been granted in developed countries would be refused […]

DTI’s draft IP policy lays foundation to prevent abusive patenting

Health groups call for wide public consultation  Johannesburg, 9 September – The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and SECTION27 welcome the announcement that the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has called for public comment on the long-overdue draft National Policy on Intellectual Property (IP). The DTI has taken heed of  calls […]

TAC welcomes the approval of dolutegravir in the US and calls for action to ensure global access

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) welcomes the approval by the US Food and Drug Administration of the antiretroviral medicine dolutegravir. This is a new integrase inhibitor (brand name Tivicay) that could potentially become a vital drug in the global struggle against HIV. TAC calls on all parties involved to ensure widespread availability of Dolutegravir in […]

TAC & MSF Memorandum to DTI to urgently Fix the Patent Laws

This is a memorandum dated 7th August delivered to representatives from the Department for Trade and Industry, including Minister Rob Davies, ahead of a workshop in coordination with the WTO, WHO, WIPO calling on the DTI to urgently “Fix the Patent Laws” to improve South Africans’ access to medicines. You can access the original memorandum here. The […]

TAC open letter to USTR regarding concerns with US pressure to restrict India’s generic medicine industry

This is an open letter dated 23rd July from the Treatment Action Campaign sent to USTR Ambassador Michael Froman outlining our concerns with mounting US pressure aiming to restrict India’s generic medicines industry. You can find the original letter here.   Dear Ambassador Froman, The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) of South Africa is extremely concerned […]

Twelve years on ARVs

Globally, South Africa has the highest number of people living with HIV. Yet many antiretroviral medicines, including the medicines used to treat people failing on 2nd line antiretroviral therapy, are not provided in the public sector. 3rd line medicine are expensive as they are under patent and no generic versions of these medicines are available. […]

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    fix the patent laws
    Fix the Patent Laws is a campaign of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). TAC is a non-profit organisation that seeks to ensure that every person living with HIV has access to quality, comprehensive prevention and treatment services to live a healthy life. Through this blog we will highlight how amending South Africa’s Patents Act 57 of 1978 will reduce the cost of medicines, improving the health and saving the lives of millions of South Africans.

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